Thursday, 19 November 2009

Day 1 was just great!

Here is Miranda standing proudly behind our stand just before the exhibition opened. We had a great day. Met so many people (the man in the stand across the way even said to me, you sure did a lot of chatting!) not sure my voice is going to hold out for the next 3 days. Thank you to everyone for coming to see us today and for all the lovely comments about the Ba T'at yarn!
The next photo is of Emma Garry's side of our stand. We are all friends from Ilkley and Emma has just set up an on-line fabric store. Her stuff is soooooo lovely so check out her newly launched website ( We have had a lot of laughs today, good thing really considering the size of space we have behind the stand. Also a big thanks to Emma for the fantastic graphics we have on our back wall.

The last photo is of our first customer of the day - Janet Wilshaw. It was pretty much as soon as the exhibition opened and sorry Janet for being slightly over excited but it felt so good to make that first sale and it certainly set us off on a roll!
Anyway better get to bed as hopefully it will be another big day tomorrow.

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