Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Our on-line shop has launched.

We have finally launched our on-line shop. Please take a look on ! Only taken us months and months (or could it be years) longer than we expected but we are finally live! Please take a look and let us know what you think. All feedback is welcome. We have already commissioned changes to the sale page so that it is easier to view but at least we are up and running AND have already made some sales!!

Actually thinking about it Miranda and I need to celebrate the achievement. We have been so busy with all the stuff we have on at Create we haven't taken a step back and celebrated it going live. Think a bottle of champagne may be necessary - possibly next knit night. So all of you considering coming along the next one may well be the one to start!!!

The picture is of our flyer we are just getting printed, advertising the website. Not sure you can read much on it but the backdrop is the design for the website.


Friday, 9 October 2009

Introducing Baabara Ba T'at

Like you all to meet the newest addition to Create Baabara Ba T'at who is modelling fine knitwear in the gorgeous Ba T'at yarn! The hat has been made in Funfair and the scarf in Rhubarb. She has yet to receive her socks which Sherry is currently knitting. Each one will be in a different Ba T'at colour. Sherry better get going as its nippy in Ilkley!! Anyway do come in and introduce yourself to her as loves new faces. You will finding sitting happily amongst the wool.
And here is Baabara nestling up to her namesake Barbara who is a regular member of our knit night group. She is also a familiar face to all those who visit Duttons for Buttons in Ilkley! Barbara is great at giving you good advice on which buttons go with those knitted items.
Anyway I better go and start packing as am off to London this weekend for a christening. I am godmum and it will be the first time I meet my new godchild so really looking forward to it. I am giving the Bird mobile (Erika Knights Book Natural Nursery Knits) that I made especially for my godchild and has been featured in a different blog (August 2009). I will quite miss it! Also we have painted her a plate which after I hand it over I will hopefully get permission to feature it in a blog.


Monday, 5 October 2009

Thursday Night is Knit Night!

Every other Thursday we have a knit night running at Create from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. As you can see from the photos the wine is out! There is a bit of knitting, a lot of chatter and some good advice on hand - not all from me - luckily we have some really good knitters amongst our regulars (Sherry and Jacqueline have helped me along loads). We have every level of knitter so anyone is welcome and we have lots of space to fit more in! Our next night is this Thursday, 8th October.
Thank you so much to Pam for bringing us all some of her fantastic plum jam to our last knit night! She inspired me to have a go at jam making this year and our (have to say 'our' because my husband and daughter actually made most of it, I was just left to clear up) bramble and apple jam was a huge success. Success meaning we got our fussy eater daughter to eat it and enjoy it.

The above photo is of some of the socks knitted on our sock knitting course with Sherry. The course was run over 3 evenings, a week apart, to allow time to get to the next stage of the sock.
The group did amazingly well and some got a pair knitted! We are now onto the Shawl Class with Sherry which Miranda and I are taking - boy is it complicated. Not sure if Sherry is going to give us a gold star for our homework efforts!! I have already pulled mine back once. But really enjoying it as its pushing me out of my comfort zone.
I am writing this with the voice of Debbie Abrahams in the background. We have a full class for her Fairisle and Intarsia Course which is running today. We seem to be really busy with courses which is just fantastic. We have Emma King in next week (Monday) for Professional Finishing. There is one place left so if you fancy it please give us a call on 01943 817788.