Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Knitted Royal Wedding

Really sorry that it has been sooooo long since we updated our blog but this definitely deserves an entry - The Knitted Royal Wedding! Our Thursday Night Knitting Group have done us proud and knitted up a fantastic display as you can see from the photos! We have had a very funny time knitting them all and there are numerous stories about the characters (well the knitted one's!):- Camilla's peg leg, the Queen's pants and Prince William's tattoo!! Not totally by the book as there have been some artistic licence given to Fiona Gobles fantastic knitting book! Also there have been some great additions to the book including Pippa Middleton the bridesmaid and Mr and Mrs Middleton - the Father and Mother of the bride. This Thursday we are having a bit of a celebration on the eve of the big day and hopefully we may see some hats at the knit night! I will remember to take my camera and hopefully we may post two blogs in a week!!
We've got a great piece in the Ilkley Gazette & Observer with a front cover picture! You can get too the online copy by clicking
We really have so much going on at Create we really should keep this blog up to date ........ this is just the start!